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Knowing your carbohydrates

Proper nutrition is exceptionally important to our way of living. If we eat right we will be able to look good and hopefully prolong our own life span. Many people with dynamic professions do not really think about eating properly and this might harm them in the long term. For example a regular office worker might be able to plan out every meal and have a decent diet. Removal workers are often forced to do this on the go and rarely have a chance to just sit down and enjoy a warm meal. They not only eat quickly but fail to pay attention to what they eat. It is usually junk food and this is in no way good. Sandwiches usually have too many carbohydrates and if you go overboard with them nothing good awaits you. So here is a quick piece of advice for these movers who only have a few minutes a day to grab a bite in between relocation projects.

CarbohydratesIn truth carbohydrates are not bad or harmful at all. They are vital to our organism and give us a lot of energy. Carbs also play a role in forming and increasing body mass. This is where the tricky part comes as people who are careless simply tend to get fat. For example people who attend the gym regularly eat a lot of carbs so that they can get stronger. All of this is controlled there and they do not allow themselves to become fat. So if you are not the training type then just do some research and see which carbs you should intake more often than not. There are three types.

Starch is essential to the energy level of your body. It is found in potatoes and rice mainly but is of course present in other foods. These carbohydrates are also called “slow”. This is because they decompose slowly in our organism and give us huge amounts of energy throughout the day. Eating them in the evening or at night is not advisable as this will predispose us to gaining weight. If you are a mover and have the time to prepare food at home, bring it to work and have it for lunch. Rice and potatoes are excellent if you are physically active and removalists usually are.

Stay away from sugars. While they can also be useful, mainly their effect is not positive at all. The energy which you gain from a chocolate bar expires quickly and what remains is only the “chance to get fat” effect. You can have a biscuit or two once in a while but generally this is not a good idea.

Fiber is very important and it is found in plant foods. This can include vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc. Most breakfasts for kids in carton boxes contain a lot of fiber. Similar to starch these carbs are better eaten in the morning so that their effect slowly expires during the day. If you are a mover start your day with such a breakfast.