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The Clean and Green Home Guide

A happy home means a clean and healthy home. In order to have a healthy home, it has to be cleaned regularly and with care. There are many easy and natural ways to keep your home clean and fresh every day. Check out the following tips and invest a little time just to have amazing results.

Clean on a daily basis

It perhaps sounds boring and hard, but having a cleaning routine will make your life so much more pleasant. If you commit to cleaning a little bit every single day, you will be surprised how cleaner your home will be. Small chores sound painless, but mean so much on a long run. For example, one day you can vacuum, the next day can be a laundry day, etc. If, on the other hand, you postpone the clean-up, soon your living area will become chaotic and you will get lost in all that chaos. You will not know where to start and what to do first.

Grow Plants Indoors

Plants have many benefits in our households. Not only that they add to the visual aesthetic of the place but they also absorb the carbon dioxide. This means that the quality of the air improves since the bad particles are absorbed by it. Since they are easy to maintain, it is a good idea to grow some in your living room.

Use eco-friendly, natural cleaning products

Cleaning solutionsDid you know that you have few natural cleaning products right in your pantry? There is no need to use commercial, toxic chemicals that have negative impact on our environment and out health. Baking soda, lemon juice, salt, vinegar and so many more products can be used to clean everything that needs to be cleaned with shiny results.

Forget air filters

The indoor air can become stagnant and stale if you do not let the fresh air in frequently. Sure, you can use air filters but nothing compares to fresh air. Therefore, keep your windows opened every day for as long as you can and feel the power of fresh air. If you do have air filters, make sure you change them regularly.

Use natural air fresheners

If you want to add fragrance into your home, you can use essential oils that are natural. They come with bamboo sticks that are aimed to spread the fragrance across the room. Also, you can use vanilla extracts and rub some on the light bulbs.

Why is it important to regularly clean our homes? Since we spend so much time indoors, we can and must improve the quality of our lives at least in our houses. There are so many easy and natural ways to keep our environment healthy and clean. This way of living leaves no space for various allergies and health risks. It saves us time and money. Also, green living and cleaning saves our Mother Nature.