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Move In Cleaning In Chicago

Moving from one place to another is a big thing and one of the easiest way to lighten the task ahead of you is to delegate your the pre-relocation cleaning duties to a professional sanitation company such as ours. We are fully insured and licensed contractors and we proving cost effective cleaning services of world class quality. We have been in the property sanitation business for a very long time and throughout the years have gained rich experience sanitizing premises pre and post move. We’ve always left all our clients fully satisfied with our precision, diligence, professionalism and punctuality implemented in the cleaning service we offered.

Your property will be properly rid of dirt and germs before your arrival

Our skilled Chicago cleaning teams will immaculately clean all the rooms and surfaces of your property, and more importantly will gain access to all the hard to reach areas of your household or office and clean them flawlessly. This way when your belongings arrive, you will have a clean property to arrange them in and more importantly you will be able to rest after the relocation as you won’t have the grab the bucket, mop, vacuum and towels to start sanitizing.

Move in a clean home – anywhere in Chicago

Green and health friendly solutions

Move In Cleaning ChicagoKeep in mind that we are Chicago cleaners who work with eco-friendly cleaning detergents. We have chosen to use green products because:

  • They are highly efficient, especially against resilient stains
  • They allow us to perfectly clean any residential or commercial property without leaving harmful particles behind
  • They cannot cause damages which will certainly please your landlord if you are a tenant
  • They permit us to work with reasonable prices which is extremely important for people who are moving on a tight budget

The only thing that you have to do to benefit from the moving in services of iClean Chicago is to call us and tell us when you are relocating and we will make sure that the property is cleaned  top to bottom at least several hours before your arrival. Keep in mind that we work with a flexible schedule and can be booked 24 hours a day.

We operate throughout the American city of Chicago. It lies in the northern parts of the United States and lies in the state of Illinois. Chicago is home to several high profile entertainment venues including the Victoria Gardens Theater which was founded during the mid-1970s and is currently one of the city’s most important and visited venues.