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Condo Cleaning

A large town such as Chicago has many tall building and larger apartments with great views. Maintaining these properties is no easy task and this is why you can take advantage of our professional grade condo cleaning in Chicago. Our company is an experienced organization with traditions in the business of sanitation. We specialize in all sorts of domestic cleaning in Illinois but you will be especially happy with our condo cleaning solutions. We can clean:

  • Furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Carpets
  • Floors and walls
  • Windows

Big area means more things to get sanitized

CondoCondos are designed to be flashy and polished. You want to keep it that way – call iClean Chicago and explore your options. Our representatives will tell you all about our deals and you will also get a free consult. There’s no obligation when you simply call us for info. You will, however, quickly find out that our cleaners are the best in Chicago, IL. We have top notch gear and our detergents do not cause any harm to your or the environment. We are fully equipped to conduct a thorough inspection and sanitation of your condo regardless of size. Big properties are usually tempting for people to ass more furniture or other stuff. If you have a gigantic wardrobe or a pinball table in the middle of the living room it will perhaps get dusty really quickly. We know how to wipe clean every separate piece of furniture you have.

Our Chicago condo cleaning assistance can also come with waste disposal. Our staff will take care of your organic or sanitary waste as well. Call today and see how much money you will save with us.

Bathroom cleaning is a must as we are convinced that yours is pretty large if we are talking about tidying up a condo in Chicago. Get our cleaners to take care of your tiles, sink and bath for you. Regular maintenance is a must for premises such as kitchens or bathrooms.

There are plenty of things to clean outside the condo too

The fact that you live at a condo doesn’t mean that there isn’t stuff to be sanitized outside. Regardless of the floor you are on we will also be happy to provide you with top class Chicago window washing. We can also get the balcony tidy.

Chicago is a breathtaking city with huge population and a number of landmarks. An important institution is Northwestern University which attracts thousands of students to Chicago annually.