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Sanitation During The Winter

Winter HouseKeeping yourself clean along with your home and car is a vital thing. People are often judged by how well they maintain their own body and clothes but if your apartment’s condition does not respond to this then you will be exposed as a poser. Come winter time, though, things change a little. It is not that people get sloppy but simply that it might be a little pointless to polish everything around you. Here is what we mean.

It is a well-known fact that your hair should not be treated with shampoo daily. While you should take a shower every day you shouldn’t wash your hair this frequently. It will not help it and will actually damage it. The more often you wash your hair with soap the easier it will get greasy. Not only that but you might even start losing it more rapidly than expected. Spare yourself the hassle to deal with hair loss and wash your head just 2-3 times a week. This is especially important during the winter. When the weather is bad it is basically pointless to walk around with a clean hair. Humidity will destroy it completely. Also you should make sure it is dry as you can easily get sick otherwise.

It’s not just your body that requires certain measures during the winter, but your home as well

The same goes for your home. People simply do not wash their windows during the winter for the sole reason that they (the windows) take a lot of beating. Weather changes constantly and it often rains. Snowing is also a factor. There’s dust and dirt which are blown around by the wind as well. All of these things leave traces on your windows and if you want to keep them really sanitised you will need to wash them every other day. Nobody has time for this and this is why most people leave them like that till the time for spring cleaning comes.

Other parts of your home will also get progressively dirty. For example your hallway sees a lot of traffic. People will walk in with muddy and moist shoes. Here you don’t really have an option, however. You can’t have your floor dirty and you better mop up immediately.

Having your car washed during the winter is also something you do not need to worry about. You vehicle really sees a lot during this season and it will perhaps get dirty 5 minutes after you leave the car wash. Even if you own a garage you cannot rely on having a clean car. This doesn’t defeat the purpose of having it vacuumed on the inside, though.

There is another argument against washing your car when it is cold outside. All the water that remains on it or in it might get frozen. This will significantly compromise the effectiveness of some parts including the breaking system. If your breaks freeze you might not only not be able to stop effectively but you might severely damage your car.