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How to Smartly Organize Your Closet

If getting clothes from your closet feels like an enormous feat lately, maybe you need to add one more task to your spring cleaning routine – organizing and cleaning your closet. That may sound like a lot of work and it is. The good news is that if you get around rearranging your garments, you will:

  • Wisely use the space you have
  • Keep your clothes in an excellent condition
  • Make everything organized and easy to find

These benefits are hard to overlook but to enjoy them you will need to follow a few simple rules and to rely on a number of great tricks.

How to keep things organized

ClosetThe most important rule when it comes to arranging your closet is that you need to come up with a good system. Many people organize their garments by color. However, that is not always the most practical thing you can do, especially if you are living in a city like Chicago where winters are chilly and snowy and summers are moderately hot. In such cases, you would be better off arranging your clothing by categories like work clothes, casual and sports shirts, formal garments and etc. To make things even easier for you, put the clothes you wear on a daily or weekly basis at your eye level. Store the ones you wear once every few weeks on the lower shelves and racks and keep the items you rarely put on the highest shelves in your closet. If you have any boxes (from shoes, wine or gifts), use them to store smaller items like underwear, ties, shoes, or socks.

Make the most out of the little space you have

No matter how small or big your closet is, use the space in it wisely. The first step to achieving that would be to declutter. We bet you that you can reduce the number of items in your closet by 20% or 25% using just a couple of simple tricks. Firstly, go through every piece of clothing you own and ask yourself whether you would like to buy this item today. Often, we keep garments that are outdated, worn-out or that don’t fit us anymore simply because we are viewing them through a sentimental prism. Change that by seeing them from a more practical point of view. Also, put the hangers backwards and if some of them are still in this same position one year later, then this means you did not get to wear the item hanging on it even once and that it is time to get rid of it.

Protect your clothes

Apart from capitalizing the closet space you have, you also need to store your clothing in a way that will keep them in a good condition. To make that possible, you must never put clothes that have not been washed in your closet. That can attract moths and mold. Also, do not hang garments from delicate materials like cashmere because they can easily stretch or lose their shape. Instead fold them neatly and arrange them on shelves. Avoid storing silk and wool clothing pieces inside dry-cleaning bags because these materials need to “breathe.” Keep them in fabric bags.